Collate and Staple with Ricoh MFP - OSX

If the Ricoh is not yet set up as a printer on the system, see /wiki/spaces/moodytech/pages/26297315 first to install printer or review driver settings.

Configuring a Preset for collating and stapling with the Ricoh MFP

Collation and stapling typically do not need to be saved in the general preset for printing to the Ricoh.  However, a user may wish to save separate presets for these purposes if they manage big print jobs of multi-page documents. 

Choose to print something and in the print dialog box select the Ricoh and the print Preset that was previously configured for the Ricoh as described in the /wiki/spaces/moodytech/pages/26297315 wiki.  In the Copies & Pages menu DO NOT check “Collated” next to the number of Copies.

Unchecking the “Collated” field seems unintuitive (and it is) but if checked, it actually negates other Preset settings described in the next sections.  This is also documented at Ricoh’s support site:

If the Collated field is checked, uncheck it and save the preset so that this isn’t a factor in the future.   To save a preset, click the Presets menu and choose Save.

To enable collating, under Printer Features, Feature Set General 1, Collate, select On.

To enable stapling, under Printer Features, Feature Set General 3, Staple, select the type and location of staples.
Note:  If stapling is selected, collating does not occur even if specified.

A user may wish to save separate presets for each of these functions. Working from the original Ricoh preset, simply choose Save As under the Presets menu and name them appropriately.