Easy DCP Player - How to Play a DCP

Launch Easy DCP Player

Enter Credentials or can run in Demo mode will play a short portion of the DCP

To play out a I/O device like Blackmagic or similar go to >easyDCP Player+>Preferences

HD SDI and choose the Enable HD-SDI Output and choose device and mode etc.

In Easy DCP Player choose >Open>Open Package

Navigate to the Folder containing the DCP files


Choose open

The DCP will load. This might take a few minutes.

You can get info in the lower left corner displaying the process of the file loading.

Click Play Icon on the file to load it into the player

Then hit Play button on the player to play

DCP player will start playing the DCP file

Play rewind and FF controls as shown

Might need to lower the Aspect ratio to play the file in realtime

Scroll along the position indicator to spot check the file

Look at the audio Waveforms to double check the file audio.

Go to View>Meters to see the surround sound and check levels

Make sure that the waveforms look right.

Notice that Chanel 3 (center) has all the dialog audio make sure that is the case.

You can watch the waveforms follow the image file when you play the file in Easy DCP.

Make sure the audio files appear correctly.

To watch in Fullscreen on the IMac > click on >View>Fullscreen

Play the entire DCP to check the quality of the image and sound.

Make sure the tracks are correct and looks and sound good.