Pro Tools - IZotope How to Load Plugin Presets

Izotope Presets are stored in your user account>Documents folder. But we wipe user accounts every week so the presets have to be replaced every time you wanna use Izotope Presets FUNN!!

Download the presets from here:

Izotope - RX Post - Production Suite Plugins

Click on the link to go to the download page and choose to download the .zip file

When the file finishes downloading click on "Show All"

Double click the .zip file to unzip the contents of the folder

The folder will look like this when it unzips

Go to your user account>Documents>IZotope and copy the IZotope folder to your Documents folder.

If an IZotope folder already exists overwrite it.

Shown here.

Next open ProTools or the RX Standalone Audio Editor

Click on the plugin and the presets should be in the dropdown now.

If the Plugins don't show up in the list use the Arrow button here to navigate to the plugins folder

Your presets should just show up once you select a plugin and access the preset

drop down