Davinci Resolve - Surround Sound Output Settings

Open Audio MIDI Setup

Click on HDMI > Output and make sure

The Source is Crestron

Format is 8 Ch 24 Bit 48kHz

Open Davinci Resolve

When you get trough the prompts

Open a New Project or Existing Project

Click on Media Tab and add 5.1 clips to media pool

Find the 2K clip with the 5.1 interleaved audio that was exported

Right click it and choose "Add into Media Pool"

Choose to Change the frame rate

Click "Change"

If you have a .mxf that AVID exported it is a surround file but we have to tell Davinci that it is 5.1

If your file is not an .mxf then skip the next 4 steps and go to creating a timeline

MXF Only

- Right click the MXF File and choose >Clip Attributes

Go to the Audio Tab

Choose Format 5.1 and Tracks 1 and choose Add

Next click on the trashcan to delete tracks 1-6 mono tracks

When all that is left is the 5.1 track then click on OK

Now that the .mxf file is setup correctly

Everyone follow the rest of the workflow

Right click in the Media Pool area

>Choose >Timeline>CreateNew Timeline

Next - Go to the Edit Tab

Right click in the Media Pool area

>Choose >Timeline>CreateNew Timeline

Set the Timeline to be 1 Video Track

1 audio track that is 5.1

Uncheck Empty Timeline

Click on "Create"

Next go to >Fairlight>Bus Format

Choose Format 5.1

Click on OK

choose the Fairlight tab at the bottom of the application to enter the Fairlight mode

In the Fairlight mode click on Fairlight>Patch Input/Output

Choose Source Bus Out  

Next select source channels L, R, C, Lfe, Ls, Rs in this order by clicking on the channels bus out or Track Direct seem to work

Then on Destination click on channels 1-6 in order

They will have a white border around the boxes like this

Then click on Patch

Now you see the patches are correct

for 5.1 monitoring

close the window

Note every timeline you make you have to do the bus format and the patching or else it won't play right.

UNPATCH everything and the RE-Patch kinda buggy

Now play the timeline

you will see the 6 channels playing back

like this

On the Crestron Touch Panel to test the output

Choose Advanced and then Surround Sound

If you don't see this button

You are not in a surround sound room that will play in 5.1 multi channel

Keep at Auto and you should be able to mute channels as needed to check the audio.