Grip and Lighting Accessories


 Grip Heads

Avenger 2.5" Grip Head

Kupo 2.5" Grip Head

Matthews Double Math Gag Grip

Matthews 4.5" Hollywood Grip Heads (Set of 2)


Cardellini Double Spud Clamp

Cardellini End Jaw Clamp

Cardellini Microphone Mount Clamp

Cardellini Right Angle Clamp

Cardellini Skinny-Mini Clamp

Matthellini 10" End Jaw Clamp


Mafer Clamp (Black)

Mafer Clamp (Silver)

Double Super Mafer Clamp

Kupo Double Convi Clamp

 C Clamps

Baby C Clamp

C Clamp

C Clamps (Group of 15)


Gaffer Grip Clamp

Scissor Mount

Larson Universal Clamp

Pipe Clamp Large

Pipe Clamp Small

Pony Clamp

Quasar Mount

Baby Offset Arm

Baby to Junior Adapter

Beadboard Holder

Beadboard Holder Clamp

Cantrell Holder (For Foamboard)

Duckbill Clamp

Variable Friction Arm w/Bracket

Variable Friction Arm

Cold Shoe Swivel Arm

Ultra Clamp

Safety Cables (Bundle of 10)

Lighting Accessories

 Gray Cards/Color Charts

Fuji Gray Card/Color Chart

Kodak Gray Card

Kodak Color Chart

Pocket 18 Gray Card

X-Rite Color Chart


Canon Speedlite 430EX Flash

Canon Speedlite 580EX Flash

Canon Speedlite 580EX II Flash

Canon ST-E2 Speedlite Transmitter

Plus II Transceiver Pocket Wizard

Canon Remote Shutter

Flash Bracket

Flash Umbrella Bracket


Umbrella (large, silver)

Umbrella (medium, shoot through)

Umbrella (medium, silver)

Umbrella (medium, silver, warm)

Umbrella (small, shoot through)

Umbrella (small, silver)

Umbrella (small, warm)


Aputure Fresnel 2X Attachment

Gaffer's Glass

Mole Eggcrate Diffuser for 750W Softlights

Quasar Mount

Green Screen 12'



C-Stand 20"

C-Stand 30"

C-Stand 40"

 Light Stands
 Heavy Duty

American Combo Double Riser Stand

American Combo Triple Riser Stand

Beefy Baby Light Stand

Low Boy Double Riser Stand

 Light Duty

Light Stand (1/4-20 threaded)

Light Stand (1/4-20 threaded, compact)

Light Stand (w/ spud)


Floor Light Mount

Wall Light Mount

Grip Accessories

 Apple Boxes

Apple Box (1/8)

Apple Box (1/4)

Apple Box (1/2)

Apple Box (Full)

Apple Box (Combo)


Grav Bag Sandbag

Sandbag 15 lb

Sandbag 20 lb

Sandbag 35 lb

 Speed Rail Kits

3' Speed Rail Kit

4' Speed Rail Kit

 Menace Arm
Menace Arm Kit
 Crates and Bins

Crate (Black)

Crate (Grey)

Uline Bin (Large)

Uline Bin (Small)