How To Use Barco Clickshare Wireless Presentation

  • Plug in the Clickshare USB Button to a USB port on your laptop. Run the Clickshare installer. Alternatively, you can get the software from as well. After the software finishes installing, you can remove the USB Button from your laptop.
  • Power on the AV system with the touch panel by pressing "Wireless."
  • Click Select Meeting Room on your laptop.
  • Enter IP Address of Room that is displayed on projector screen.
  • It should say Ready to share to if connected.
  • Clicking the Monitor Logo shares entire screen of computer and mirrors laptop.
  • Clicking the Window Logo shares what app or window you want to share. (Word, Powerpoint, Browser, etc.) Sharing this way isn't as fluid as sharing entire screen via the monitor logo

    **Best practice is to share entire screen (Monitor Logo) and is more user-friendly. **

  • Click the White Circle to start presenting.
  • You should notice that Red Circle turns red. The red circle means you are currently mirroring.

*Be sure to check audio/sound settings for proper output (Clickshare) if presenting audio files or videos with audio/sound. *
To stop presenting. Click the red circle in the corner.