Pro Tools - Shortcuts to Know

This is a list of essential Pro Tools shortcuts that are useful to know for streamlined usage. Use Cmd+F (Mac) or Ctrl+F (Windows) to find what you're looking for quickly.

Color coded shortcuts signify that they will be used in tandem in the same window.

Make sure the "Edit Keyboard Focus" button is selected in your Edit Window.


RecordCmd+Spacebar / F12 / 3 (Numpad)Ctrl+Spacebar / F12 / 3 (Numpad)
Solo SafeCmd+ClickCtrl+Click
Import AudioCmd+Shift+ICtrl+Shift+I
Import VideoCmd+Shift+Opt+ICtrl+Shift+Alt+I
Create Clip SeparationCmd+ECtrl+E
Heal Clip SeparationCmd+HCtrl+H
Consolidate ClipsOpt+Shift+3Alt+Shift+3
Duplicate ClipCmd+DCtrl+D
Trim Clip to CursorAA
Trim Clip from CursorSS
Fade Window (Clips selected)Cmd+FCtrl+F
Create GroupCmd+GCtrl+G
Enable/Disable GroupsCmd+Shift+GCtrl+Shift+G
Toggle Insertion Follows PlaybackNN
Reset Window ViewOpt+AAlt+A
Increase/Decrease Waveform SizeShift+Opt+ScrollShift+Opt+Scroll
Increase/Decrease Horizontal ViewOpt+ScrollAlt+Scroll
Increase/Decrease all Track HeightCtrl+Opt+Arrow Up/DownStart+Alt+Arrow Up/Down
New Track Dialogue BoxCmd+Shift+NCtrl+Shift+N
Change Track Type (Dialogue Box)Cmd+Arrow Up/DownCtrl+Arrow Up/Down
Change Track Width (Dialogue Box)Cmd+Arrow Left/RightCtrl+Arrow Left/Right
Add/Remove New Track Parameter (Dialogue Box)Cmd+Shift+Arrow Up/DownCmd+Shift+Arrow Up/Down
Increase/Decrease Create Track Number (Dialogue Box)Arrow Up/DownArrow Up/Down
Create MarkerEnter (Numpad)Enter (Numpad)
Enable/Disable Mix ViewCmd+=Ctrl+=
Bounce to DiskCmd+Opt+BCtrl+Alt+B
Bounce TrackCmd+Opt+Shift+BCtrl+Alt+Shift+B
Export MediaCmd+Shift+KCtrl+Shift+K
Change All Inputs/Outputs/SendsOpt, then select input/output/sendOpt, then select input/output/send
Change Inputs/Outputs/Sends for Selected TracksOpt+Shift, then select input/output/sendOpt+Shift, then select input/output/send
Cascade Inputs/Outputs/Sends for Selected TrackCmd+Opt+Shift, then select input/output/send to start cascadeCtrl+Alt+Shift, then select input/output/send to start cascade
Add/Remove Plugin on Insert Column on All TracksOpt, then select/remove pluginAlt, then select/remove plugin
Bypass PluginCmd+ClickCtrl+Click
Bypass All Plugins on TrackCtrl+Click (on first plugin in insert chain)Start+Click (on first plugin in insert chain)
Bypass All Plugins on All TracksCtrl+Opt+Click (on first plugin in insert chain)Start+Alt+Click (on first plugin in insert chain)
Bypass All Plugins on Insert Column on All TracksCmd+Opt+ClickCtrl+Opt+Click
Make Plugin InactiveCmd+Ctrl+ClickCtrl+Start+Click
Tab to Transient (Forwards)TabTab
Tab to Transient (Backwards)Opt+TabAlt+Tab
Move Cursor Up/DownP = Up, ; = DownP = Up, ; = Down
Half Speed PlaybackShift+SpacebarShift+Spacebar
Start/Stop0 (Numpad)0 (Numpad)
Rewind1 (Numpad)1 (Numpad)
Fast Forward2 (Numpad)2 (Numpad)
Record Enable3 (Numpad)3 (Numpad)
Loop Playback Mode4 (Numpad)4 (Numpad)
Loop Record Mode5 (Numpad)5 (Numpad)
Quick Punch Mode6 (Numpad)6 (Numpad)
Click On/Off7 (Numpad)7 (Numpad)
Countoff On/Off8 (Numpad)8 (Numpad)
Create 1k Test ToneCtrl+Opt+Shift+3Ctrl+Alt+Shift+3