Pro Tools - How to Route Track Outputs

This wiki is designed to walk you through creating a new track and assigning it to the correct output.

Open your session and go to Setup > Playback Engine

Ensure your desired playback device is selected

Go to Setup > I/O

Go to the Output tab, click "New Path" and make sure it's stereo - click Create

In the bottom right, assign all drop down menus except for "Output Meter Path" to your new output

Go to the Bus tab, there should be a bus automatically mapped to your new output.

If not, choose a stereo bus, click the check mark box, click map to output, and choose your output

Alternatively, press "Default" in the bottom left corner and all of the above will be automatically sorted.

"Default" detects your playback engine and creates an Output & bus, as well as auto-assigns your Output paths.

In your Edit view window, press Command/Shift/N to create a new track if you haven't already.

Go to the I/O and choose your new output. You should now hear your track. 🎉