Pro Tools - Change sample rate

Revised 11-18-2004

Susanne Kraft -

Open a new ProTools session.

Name session with a new name to your folder, don't save over the old 24-bit session.

Before you "save", check the session parameters:

  • Audio File Type = AIFF
  • I/O settings = Last Used
  • Check the box to enforce Mac/PC compatibility
  • Bit depth = 16 bit
  • Sample Rate = 44.1

Now in your new session click File >Import Tracks

Open your old project (the 24-bit one  you want to convert to 16 bit) and select all the source tracks in the source track box by shift clicking all the tracks.

Don't change any of the other settings in this menu and click OK.

Now choose a new folder to save the new files in.

Open the audio files folder of your new project (the 16-bit one) and then click the USE CURRENT FOLDER button.

The audio will now be processed to the new project parameters.

A warning menu about the original disk allocation will pop up - click the NO button.

You can double check your session settings by clicking he Windows >show session set up and it should read

  • Sample rate 44.1
  • Sync mode internal
  • Bit depth 16-bit
  • Frame Rate 30 fps

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