Pro Tools - Printmaster workflow

Written By Susanne Kraft 12-1-2009

When finished mixing and ready to make the 5.1 and the ltrt tracks.

Go to File>Import>Session Data

Navigate to the Printmaster Template save in the Documents Folder of the Mac HD

Open this folder and select the ProTools session

Import Session Data Settings. Select all 4 tracks to import as New Tracks>Copy from
source media>Link to source media and Maintain absolute time code values      

Click No on this window

After the 4 tracks import, select all the tracks in the session (holding down the
alt/option key and selecting a track will select all the tracks)

Then change the output of each track by again holding down the alt/option key and
selecting the Out 1?2 or Output path in the “Audio Path Selector”

Change the output path to bus to the 5.1 Rec (5.1) path

Set the 5.1Printmaster and the LtRt Rec track to “R” record

Open the Transport tool Go to Window> Transport

Click the Red Record button and then the blue Play button to start the playback and
recording of the LtRt and 5.1 outputs

The outputs will be created in real time and can be monitored in the mix window so
one can see the process working.

Once finished the tracks will look like 6 channels shown here. But want to export the
LtRt as an interleaved .wav

To do this right click on the LtRt track and choose Split into Mono

Next select the LtRt L and the LtRt R in the Edit window and the will be highlighted
in the side bar Regions window when selected. Drag them from the Regions
window to the LtRt track with nothing in it.

So the track looks like this

The next step is to export the selected “Regions” as files.
Make sure the tracks are selected in the edit window which will highlight them in
the “Regions” window. Then click on the “Regions” title bar

Choose “Export Regions as Files”

Choose the Export Selected as a
24 Bit 48 K
choose a destination directory and click on Export

These are the files that each student needs to output true 5.1 and LtRt
6 tracks of 5.1 audio labeled properly and an LtRt labeled properly.

View & Print PDF

By: Susanne Kraft