Pro Tools - Session with Machine Control

Susanne Kraft


How to set up session with Machine Control in ProTools 2 to chase Betacam SP tape in Machine Room.

1. In Machine Room patch BSP 2 video out to ProTools 2 video in.

2. Put Betacam chase tape in BSP 2 and put deck in remote.

3. Switch “Black Box” (located around the corner of rack) to “A” for remote control

of deck in ProTools 2. “B” will assign deck to machine room control patch panel.

4. Open the ProTools session or .omf file

5. Check the Peripherals setup. Go to >Setup>Peripherals and click on the “Machine Control” tab.

6. Set 9-pin Serial to ENABLE AND MATCH THE SETTINGS BELOW. Then click OK.

7. Next open the “Transport” window by clicking >Window > Show Transport and click on the “clock” to turn it blue. When transport is set to = Pro Tools as below then the deck will chase the ProTools session. In other words if you play the ProTools session the deck will cue up the the timecode that matches where the cursor is in the ProTools session

8. When transport is set to = Machine as below then the ProTools will chase the deck. In other words if you play the deck ProTools will jump to the timecode in the session that matches the timecode being currently played on the tape.

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