RODECaster Pro - Transfer your media

To transfer your media off the RODECaster, you need to put it in Podcast Transfer Mode. This makes the RODECaster operate like external drive. All features are disabled and the SD Card is mounted to the computer through the cable.

To enable it:

  1. Tap on the SD Card in the top corner of the LCD screen
  2. Tap the button next to Podcast Transfer Mode
  3. On the pop-up, it prompts to make sure you want to active transfer mode, tap yes

After a brief moment, you should see RODECASTER appear as a volume on your desktop

The recorded .WAV audio files are in the folder called PODCASTS

If you know how you recorded, be that Stereo or Multitrack, you can copy the WAV file and proceed to work with it as you choose

If you aren't sure and would like to make sure, you can open the RODECaster Pro Software to view your recording in more detail

Locate your podcast in the list

Below the name, you will see either Multi-channel or Stereo

Title it and then click on Save

In the finder window that opens, select a place to save it, then press open

Once the podcast saves, check the location you picked and you should now find the multitrack split into 9 wav files, 4 mono mic files, and 5 stereo files consisting of the main stereo mix, bluetooth, sfx, phone (trrs), and usb.

When you are finished transferring your files to the computer, click "Done," and then click "Yes." The RØDECaster will disconnect from the computer.