How to convert SRT to DCP XML

Download the following scriptDCP Subtitle

Unzip the script

Right click and select open

Click Open to accept accept the prompt

Click browse and select the srt file you would like to convert

Click browse and select the location to put the converted subtitle

Film name:
Enter the name of the film the subtitles are for

Enter the language of the subtitles

If you would like to automatically add your subtitles to an
existing dcp, enter the path to your dcp and select if you want them displayed as open subtitles or closed captions

If you would like to use a custom fontstyle, browse to the
ttf of your choosing, otherwise leave blank

If you would like to change the color of the font, enter your chosen color. (Available options: White, Black, Yellow)
Default is White

If you would like to change the size of the font, enter a new number, otherwise leave it blank for 40

Position of the subtitles defaults to 9 (bottom of the screen)
You may change this if you like or leave it blank for default

Separation of multiple subtitle lines defaults to 5.5
This means that line 1 will be at 14.5 and line 2 is at 9.
You can change this if you want or leave it blank for default

Once you are done entering your information, click Enter

A popup window will appear notifying you that the conversion was completed.
Click Show Details to see the output file of the subtitle.

(Ex. 7dc50522-7bf1-49c3-859d-919989897eb3)

Inside, you will find a "subtitle.xml" file and a copy of the ttf
file used for the font if you used a custom one.