DVD Studio Pro - DVD Duplication with DVD Studio

Rev. July 31, 2006

Susanne Kraft skraft@mail.utexas.edu

• How to duplicate a DVD with DVD Studio Pro

• Load dvd to be copied into the DVD drive.

• Make a new folder on the computers storage drive.

• Copy the existing VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS off of the DVD into the newly

created folder.

• Launch DVD Studio Pro

• Click on the “Format” icon

• When the following menu appears, click OK

• Name the DVD Disc

• Click “Choose” to chose the “Current Source” for the DVD

• Navigate to the location that the DVD VIDEO_TS AND AUDIO_TS folders are stored and click “Choose”

• Click OK when the “No Layout info. .” screen pops up

• Then click “Burn” to start the DVD burning process

• Put a blank DVD into the burner to burn the DVD material