Adobe Audition - Audio Troubleshooting in Audition

If you are having issues recording audio in Adobe Audition (i.e. low sound levels or no sound at all,) please try the following steps.  The example given is an external soundboard in the College's Radio Room (CMA 4.206A) but you can apply the same principles to any third party soundcard or board. 

1) On the AUDIO BOARD (if applicable):

Make sure the TALKBACK MIC is on and the slider is up.      

Click Edit > Audio Hardware Setup

 -In the Audio Driver dropdown menu, select your external cound card/board here (in this case EDIROL UA-5) and click  OK.

-Make sure the "Release ASIO Driver in Background" is checked.

3) If you CANNOT select it, exit Adobe Audition and restart the computer.

-Click the START button > Shut Down > Restart

4) Repeat Step 2