Faculty/Staff - Accessing Austin Disk Folder Share


  1. Accessing Austin Disk from an Austin Domain Computer
    1. If you are OFF-CAMPUS, connect with VPN (see Connecting with VPN)
    2. In a file explorer window, enter the UNC path of your folder, 
      1. \\austin\disk\engr\<YourFolderPath>
      2. for example:  \\austin\disk\engr\doe\<UnitName>
      3. for example:   \\austin\disk\engr\research\<CenterName>
    3. Note: You can create this as a shortcut on your desktop (right-click on the desktop, New→Shortcut).


  1. Using VPN and SMB – recommended
    1. Connect with VPN for both on campus and off campus access (see Connecting with VPN)
    2. In the finder, Go>Connect to Server
    3. Server:  smb://austin.utexas.edu/disk/engr/<YourFolderPath>
    4. If you are asked for credentials, enter:  austin\<YourEID> and your EID password
    5. Select the “+” to save the server address.
    6. Connect
  2. Using WebDav
    1. In the finder, Go>Connect to Server
    2. Enter: https://webdav.austin.utexas.edu/engr/<YourFolderPath>
    3. Enter your EID and EID password.
    4. Select the “+” to save it for the future.
    5. Connect