Scene Shop Rules & Policies

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Authorization to Use Scene Shop

Students who wish to use the scene shop must complete OH500 shop safety training. Upon completion, forward confirmation to the Studio Manager, Jeremy Gruy He will provide a basic orientation on shop use and safety, and require the student to sign a liability release waiver. Only construction on active projects associated with university course materials will be allowed. The liability release form must include the production course number, name and instructor name.

The scene shop must be kept in a clean & orderly condition. Any questions about material use or storage should be directed to the Studio Manager, Jeremy Gruy Failure to keep the shop in a clean & orderly condition will result in fines.

Once safety training & liability forms are complete, users may bring their own handheld power tools. All handheld power tools must be self-inspected daily. Follow signage instructions installed in the scene shop.

Personal protection equipment (hearing protection, safety glasses, face shield, gloves, etc) must be worn while working with power tools. This will be outlined in your shop safety orientation. The scene shop has 10 sets of safety equipment for your use.

Gaining Access to Scene Shop

After approval to use the scene shop, access is through College staff including the CMB proctor, Jeremy Gruy, Jeff Bachschmid, or David Cox.  Students who wish to use handheld power tools must work in teams of two people or more. 

Hours of Operation

The shop is only accessible during CMB Proctor hours. During the Long semesters, these hours are Monday - Thursday, 8am - 10pm, Friday 8am - 5pm, Saturday Noon - 5pm and Sunday Noon - 8pm. Summer hours are shorter, and subject to staffing/availability. The Shop is closed during holiday breaks and in between semesters unless other supervisory arrangements are made with college staff.

Cut Requests

The fixed power tools in the shop, such as table saw, panel saw, miter saw and drill press require UT Shop safety training. In order to ease the burden on the students, we do not require students to undergo the safety training, but instead request that the college staff assist with the cuts. Please contact the Studio Manager, Jeremy Gruy for assistance with these cuts. He is generally available from 7:30am - 4:30pm, Tuesday - Friday.

Please provide at least 2 business days notice for all cut requests. Large requests may require additional time & coordination.

Paint & Chemicals

The shop is not considered a well ventilated space. Therefore, only water based paints and chemicals are allowed. The shop contains a utility sink with a paint trap for washing brushes and equipment. Debris and paint must never be poured into the sink.