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    Academic Integrity

    The Student Conduct and Academic Integrity Faculty Resources website provides information to assist faculty members in addressing various concerns such as scholastic dishonesty. The established procedures for dealing with suspected incidents of scholastic dishonesty (or other student misconduct) are also included along with guidelines for navigating the student discipline process.

    For the official policies on academic integrity and scholastic dishonesty, please refer to Chapter 11 of the Institutional Rules on Student Services and Activities.

    Academic Grievances

    For any academic grievance other than a grade dispute, the School of Architecture adheres to the procedures for undergraduate academic-related grievances found in the university’s General Information Catalog and to the procedures for graduate student academic grievances stated in the Handbook of Operating Procedures state how to file a grievance directly with the Graduate School.

    Student Affairs staff can provide more information about the academic grievance process.

    Contact Information

    Our staff can answer questions to assist with your instructional and administrative requirements. To easily reach the whole team, e-mail soa-academic-affairs@austin.utexas.edu.

    Kory Bieg, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

    bieg@utexas.edu | GOL 2.308

    Julie Tipton, Senior Academic Program Coordinator

    julie.tipton@austin.utexas.edu | 512-475-9212 | GOL 2.304C

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    Christin Johnson, Academic Program Coordinator

    christin.johnson@austin.utexas.edu 512-471-4525 | GOL 2.304A

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