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    Build Lab

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    Materials Lab

    The Materials Lab has a page on our main website that is accessible here: https://soa.utexas.edu/materials-lab

    Contact Information

    Jen Wong, Director Materials Lab & Research Faculty

    jenwong@utexas.edu | WMB

    Technology Lab

    The Technology Lab has its own wiki, which is accessible here: SOA Digital Technologies Wiki

    Contact Information

    The Technology Resources and Innovation Group (TRIG) is responsible for the Technology Lab. To easily reach the whole team, e-mail trig@utexas.edu. Messages sent directly to a single team member will take longer to receive a response.

    If you have desktop support inquiries, please contact LAITS at 512-471-5000, laits-help@utexas.edu, or PAR 106.

    Courtney Morshed, Technology Services Coordinator

    courtney@austin.utexas.edu | 512-232-6664 | SUT 1.120

    • Technology Lab Management

    • IT Operations & Documentation

    • Software Licensing

    • Technical Purchasing

    Cole Marchant, IT Coordinator

    nicholas@austin.utexas.edu | 512-471-0143 | SUT 1.120

    • Technology Lab

    • Digital Fabrication

    Geoffrey Ashford, IT Coordinator

    geoffrey.ashford@austin.utexas.edu | 512-475-7996 | SUT 1.120

    • Technology Lab

    • Digital Fabrication

    Rob Stepnoski, Research Faculty

    rob@austin.utexas.edu | SUT 1.120

    • Technology Research

    • Extended Reality

    • UAVs

    • Photogrammetry