Summer/Fall Registration Advising Information - Theatre and Dance Majors

If you're NOT ATTENDING UT next semester, please review Option A.
If you're TRANSFERRING OUT of the T&D major, please review Option B.
If you’re STAYING in T&D and taking classes next semester, please review Option C.

Option A

If you're NOT ATTENDING UT next semester, you won’t need to schedule an advising session with Mark-Anthony.

  • Please send me an email and let me know if and when you plan to return to UT.

Option B

If you're TRANSFERRING OUT of the T&D major, you won’t need to schedule an advising session with Mark-Anthony.

  • SUBMIT the Registration Advising Sheet to have your advising hold removed. Follow the instructions by selecting “Yes” on the “Are you planning to TRANSFER OUT” question. 

If you have an earlier registration date, please submit the registration sheet earlier in order to have your advising hold removed. Forms must be submitted by 5pm to be processed within 2 business days.  

  • If the major you're pursuing is not admitting students for the fall semester, please apply to another open major in Liberal Arts. By changing your major now, you won’t need to see Mark-Anthony to remove your Advising Hold when you try to register for the spring semester.
  • For assistance exploring other major options or navigating the internal transfer process, please reach out to the Vick Advising Excellence Center.  

Option C

If you’re STAYING in T&D and taking classes next semester, please review the STEPS BELOW to prepare and sign-up for an Advising Session, if required.

  • Please check THIS CHART to see if you WON'T need to schedule an Advising Session. 

  • Note: Meeting with your Faculty Advisor does not replace Registration Advising with Mark-Anthony.

How to prepare for Registration Advising

1.  BOOKMARK the Course & Advising Info Wiki.

2A.  CLAIM appropriate AP/IB credits we've previously discussed, if needed.

2B.  SEND Transcripts of completed other college courses to UT Admissions, if needed.

3.  CHECK for Holds & your Registration Times on your Registration Information Sheet (RIS) BEGINNING March 5th. (select summer and/or fall semester).

Registration is April 8th - 19th.

4.  REVIEW the Summer and/or Fall Course Schedules online (available March 4th).

5.  SCHEDULE a 10-minute Advising Session:

Click on the image to see what the confirmation page should look like after scheduling a session.

You'll also receive an auto-confirmation email with subject line "CONFIRMED: Zoom/In-Person Meeting Spring 2024" from Mark-Anthony Zuniga ( 

Cancellations must be made by 8am the DAY BEFORE your scheduled session.  The cancellation link will be on your confirmation email.

6.  FILL OUT the Registration Advising Sheet (RAS):

RAS instructions are located BELOW.

It is due by 5pm the Day BEFORE your advising session or your meeting will be canceled.

7.  ATTEND your Advising Session, if required.

Students who are unable to be advised by April 18th will register later for summer and/or fall courses.  

I'm encouraging everyone to speak their minds during our advising session.  

If you do not understand something, please ask me to explain again.
If I say something that doesn't seem right to you, please let me know.
If you feel the Course & Advising Info Wiki is missing something or needs an update, please mention it to me.

How do I fill out the Registration Advising Sheet (RAS)?

  • Run a new Degree Audit & Review the "Remaining" tab to see courses you're lacking.


  • Review the BA or BFA Sample 4-Year Plan for your major to see required and recommended TD courses.
    See T&D major requirements section below.

  • Review your degree audit for the CORE courses you're lacking.
    See Core requirements section below.

How many hours should I take?

  • Although 12 hours is full time, taking 15 hours is typically required to help you graduate on time.
  • The first number is # of course hours, TD 313E = 3 hours, T D 222P = 2 hours.

How do I list potential courses on the "List Fall UT Courses" question on the RAS?

  • List major, then core, then minor/second major, then alternates.

TD 313E Acting III
TD 317C Theatre History Before 18th Century
GOV 310L American Government
3 hours Science
3 hours U.S. History
FA 362 Foundations of Arts Management

Other possible options: 
T D 315 Playwriting I
3 hours Math
E 316L British Literature

How do I find UT course descriptions?

  • Click on the unique number for course on the course schedule.

Theatre and Dance Major Requirements

Which T&D Major Courses should I take next semester?

Review the BA or BFA Sample 4-Year Plans for required and recommended TD courses.

  • For example, BFA Acting students going into their 2nd-year have 4 T D courses (12 hours) to take in the fall. So, they have one additional 3-hour course to reach 15 hours, which could be a lacking Core requirement. 

How do I know which T&D Courses are reserved to certain T&D majors?

Click on the unique number for course on the course schedule to see possible restrictions. 

You may also review the T&D Course Restrictions wiki for possible requirements. If next semester is unavailable, please refer to previous semesters until next semester becomes active.

For BA Foreign Language Options:

Review the Intermediate Proficiency Foreign Language wiki for options. 

  • Depending on the foreign language chosen, proficiency can be satisfied in 2, 3 or 4 semesters. 
  • Not all courses are offered every semester.

For BA General Culture Options:

Review the General Culture wiki for information.

  • Students pursuing a Minor or a second major in a similar field should look for courses that could satisfy General Culture and the other requirement.

CORE Curriculum & Flag Requirements

Which CORE Courses could I take next semester?

Review the "Remaining" tab on your Degree Audit to see core courses you're lacking. 

  • If you don't know which core course you hope to take, you can list "3 hours US History" or "3 hours Science" on the RAS.
  • Please verify you haven't already completed a core requirement from expected AP/IB/SAT/ACT credits or transfer coursework
  • First-Year Signature Course & RHE 306 should be completed in your first year. Unless advised otherwise, other core requirements may have a flexible timeline.

How do I satisfy Core Flag Requirements?

Review the T&D Flags Wiki for Core Flag requirements that are satisfied by taking required T&D courses at UT.  

  • Unless you were advised otherwise, you SHOULD NOT take random courses just for flag requirements.

  • The Quantitative Reasoning (QR) flag is not satisfied by a T&D course.
     Please search Core Math, Core Science or electives for QR options. 

How do I find Core Courses on the course schedule?

Search # 3 Core Curriculum on the course schedule, then select the core requirement from drop-down list. 

Select Core, First-Year Signature Course

UGS 302 or UGS 303 Various Topics

  • Complete within your first year. After that timeframe, students will have to email the First-Year Signature Office office during active registration times ( with student EID and unique numbers of three UGS 303 sections listed as “open” on the course schedule. 

Select Core, Social & Behavioral Sciences

Review Core List and course schedule for options.

  • UTeach students are required to complete PSY 301 Intro to Psychology for this requirement.
  • Students pursuing a Minor or a second major in a similar field should look for courses that could satisfy Core and the other requirement.

Select Core, English Composition

RHE 306 Rhetoric & Writing

  • If you don't have credit already, complete this within your first year.
  • 1st-year students may also try to test out by taking the RHE 306 TSI Essay before the spring semester ends.  

Select Core, Mathematics

Review Core List and course schedule for options.

HUMANITIES (3 hours)
Select Core, Humanities

E 316L British Literature,
E 316M American Literature,
E 316N / C L 315 World Literature,
or E 316P Masterworks of Literature (4+ on AP exam)

  • Prerequisite is RHE 306.

Select Core, Natural Science & Technology Part I or Part II

Review Core List and course schedule for options.

  • For Non-Science major Core Science options, Review the Science Options wiki.
  • You may complete 9 hours from Science Part 1
    OR 6 hours from Part 1 and 3 hours from Part 2.   

GOVERNMENT (6 hours)
Select Core, American and Texas Government

GOV 310L American Government 

& GOV 312L Issues & Policies in American Government

or other appropriate GOV course pairing

Select Core, Visual & Performing Arts

  • Non-Dance majors: Completing T D 317C Theatre History Before 18th Century satisfies this requirement. 
  • Dance majors: Review Core List and course schedule for options.
U.S. HISTORY (6 hours)
Select Core, U.S. History

Review Core List and course schedule for options.

  • You may complete 6 hours of U.S. History
    OR 3 hours of U.S. History and 3 hours of Texas History.  


For All T&D majors: Completing T D 311C Performance as Public Practice satisfies this requirement. 


Mark-Anthony Zuniga
Senior Academic Advisor
Department of Theatre and Dance

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