Fall Production Labs - TD 314P/324P & TD 314M Tech Theatre

Your arc of production training should look like this:

1. 314M Intro to Technical Theatre - an introduction to the skills and techniques used in technical theatre and the practice-based art form of producing productions.

2. 314P Production Laboratory - participating as a crew member on a live production that will establish habits of discipline, collaborative team work and creative problem solving.

Note: for some students, this sequence will be reversed, so 314P precedes 314M.

3. 324P Advanced Production Lab - Participating as a member of one of our production shops to further learn the skill and craft of building and installing a production. (TD 314M is the prerequisite)

Note: UTeach Theatre majors must take TD 314Q Production Shop in the spring.

4. 324P Advanced Production Lab - as a further experience it is our goal that you will grow in your experience and will be able to assume a role of more responsibility in the shop of your choice or in an advanced production position. Examples would include, but not limited to: dramaturg, assistant director, assistant designer, master electrician, wardrobe crew chief, audio coordinator, etc. Please contact Rusty Cloyes to discuss any non-shop positions.

Each degree plan has their own requirements, so please make sure you clarify with Mark-Anthony about which of these classes you will be taking.

I tried to register for a Production Lab that reads as open but it gives me an error message, what do I do?

This means the remaining seats are reserved for certain students who need to take it in order to graduate in a timely manner.  You’re welcome to add yourself to the waitlist.  For instructions on how to add to a waitlist, please refer to the Wiki page: Registration & Waitlist Examples.


*The 314P Production Lab run crews will only meet in-person all together on the first scheduled day of class (review Canvas for day & time) to discuss class expectations, lab hours, and production assignments.  Production assignments will be assigned early in the semester.  Most students will serve as a crewmember for one production.
     Production crew assignments typically run for three consecutive weeks; 6 days a week; 5:30-10:30pm Monday-Friday, 10:00am-10:30pm on Saturdays; and Noon-10:30pm on Sundays. You will be required to attend all technical rehearsals and performances for your assignment so plan to clear your schedule for the entire assignment.  Prior to the first crew call, you will receive an updated schedule based on your assigned position that reflects which days you will have off. At the end of the semester, you will submit a written reflection on your experience.  

The 324P Advanced Production Lab shop sections
are separated into multiple sections: media technology, scenic & property technology, lighting technology, costume technology and sometimes sound technology. These 324P shop sections meet every MWF for the full semester and will have an instruction segment led by faculty and hands-on application working on our productions.

TD 314P

TD 324P

Lab Type/Shop Area





Pro Lab – Run Crew

*varies - see above

All students should add to waitlist.  
Priority goes to specific incoming students and students graduating in the fall semester.
TBD25800Pro Lab / Adv Pro Lab - Independent StudyMWF 8a-9a is a placeholder, actual days/times based on your assignmentPlease contact Rusty Cloyes for consent. 
n/a25820Adv Pro Lab - Independent Study for
Advanced Costume production assignments
variesPlease contact Nanette Acosta for consent. 



Adv Pro Lab - Independent Study for Sound Technology 


Please contact Phillip Owen for consent. 



Adv Pro Lab - Media Technology

MWF 9am-12pm

All students should add to waitlist.  
Priority goes to students who need to take it in order to graduate in a timely manner.



Adv Pro Lab - Scenic & Property Technology

MWF 2p-5p



Adv Pro Lab - Lighting Technology

MWF 2p-5p



Adv Pro Lab - Costume Technology

MWF 2p-5p

Thank you for your support as we strive to provide you with the best education possible here are UT.


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Head of Stage Management
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Co-Producer: The Cohen New Works Festival
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