How to Request a UGS WebDev Project

How to Request a UGS WebDev Project

Send an email
to with the subject as 'Project Request - ' then your department/area and a short project title.

In the email, please:

-Define project: Describe the functionality you want, or the form and content of the data you want.  Please include as complete a list of deliverables as possible.

-Define impact: Attempt to quantify the impact of this request. E.g. how many students or staff will use it, how many staff hours will be saved, how often will it be used, what will be achieved, etc.

-include contact person(s) and desired delivery date.

What happens next?
WebDev will contact you detailing next steps. Depending on the complexity of the project, that may include a team meeting where we further discuss the scope and specifications of the project.

What is the approval process?
Approval process is variable depending on scope and priority of project. Approvers may include WebDev team lead, director of communication, and the dean.

How will I know the status?
An approved project will be given a slot on the project priority list, and an approximate timeline for completion.


Sample Request Email
Subject: Project Request - Kadigan Program Scholarship Application

The Kadigan Program would like an online application form for our Lillian Virginia Mountweazel Memorial Scholarship to replace our paper application. The online application should replicate as much as possible the current paper application (attached to this email) and should include:

-EID Login
-Eligibility Verification: Students must be currently enrolled in UGS and have at least a 3.0 GPA
-Auto-fill: Basic student information for Name, EID, Email address, first-semester enrolled, and GPA should be automatically input from the UT mainframe
-Scholarship specific fields: 2 short essay fields, and 5 radio button questions (see application form)
-Resume Upload (pdf only)
-Students should be able to return to an incomplete application to continue work before submission.

On the administrative side we would like:
-A listing of all applications and whether they are in progress or submitted
-Search of applications and an excel download
-An application view to see the details at a a glance
-Turn application on and off depending on time of year

We currently have 100-125 students apply for the scholarship every year. We have a committee of 2 staff and 3 faculty who review all the applications, so we either need to print packets for each of them, or scan and upload all of the applications, essays, and resumes. We estimate we could save approximately 40 hours of total work hours per semester with an online application.

Delivery Date
12th class day of fall 2016

Joan Goodworker

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