Names in UGS Web Services

As of 3/1/2020 UGS secure web services have been altered so that when users access the site, user and student records are refreshed with the name used in the UT public directory. 

Changing Directory Name

If someone wants to change their UT public directory name, there is information on the ServiceNow: Updates to Biographical Information page.

Please note that directory name changes can take up to 24 hours to take effect.

After going through the name change process described there, If a user is still seeing an incorrect name in a UGS secure web service, they can try closing their browser, then returning to the page that was showing the incorrect name.

Triggering UGS record refresh

If that doesn’t work, and the user is a student, a UGS staff member can put the UT-EID in a UView search.

Executing that search will refresh the student’s record in our database. They can then close their browser and go back to the page that was showing the incorrect name.

Still not working?

If that doesn’t work, please contact us at and In your note please send the URL of the page and any UT-EIDs involved.

Changing Directory Email

Email addresses get auto-populated from employee records in Workday. New hires tend to not yet have their UT email in Workday. The employee needs to update the email address in Workday to UT email, and that should connect the employee EID with UT email.

Suggested text to include in an email:

If you go to workday ($6670.htmld ), in Apps > Personal Information > Work Contact Information, you should be able to add your UT email if it is not already there. I don’t see it in Workday, so I think it may be missing. This should fix the issue – however, it may take overnight processes for the data to re-populate in other databases from Workday.