How to setup the Box Desktop Sync for Mac OS X

How to setup the Box Desktop Sync for Mac OS X

If you do not have the Box Desktop Sync application:

Download the Box Desktop Sync installer from Box. (

Run the installer.  Administrative access will be needed to complete the installation.  If you do not have administrative access on your computer, please consult your local technical support staff.

Once installed, you will be presented with the Box Sync window.

Choose the “Use Company credentials” link on the Box Sync window.

Enter your CloudID for the email address and click “Continue”.

You will be redirected to the EID authentication page.  Enter your EID and EID password and click the “Log In” button.

Once you have authenticated with your EID, you will be logged in to your Box account.

The Box Sync 4 client installs a menu bar icon (small letter b) that can be used to access your UTBox account web site or locally synced files.

For more information on how to use Box Sync, please visit the Box Video Tutorial Library.