The primary facility contact is Bill DeGroff. Ted Dunham and Frank Cornelius are also good contacts for facility issues related to IGRINS.

The primary instrument support contact is Greg Mace

1) Instrument Temperatures settings are listed here: Lakeshore Temperature and Heater Settings

The current temperatures can be seen in the Housekeeping Package (HKP) or online at .

The Det SVC temperature sometimes floats by +/-0.5K and the HKP status turns red. This does not impact science and can be ignored. All other temperatures should be stabilized. Contact an instrument support contact if this is not the case.

2) Most problems with the Instrument Control Computer (ICC) can be resolved by restarting the software in question.

DTP issues:

     a) spinning ball of death - be patient for 1 minute. often this spinning ball is because guiding is starting and the code is waiting for the SVC to finish its work. 

     b) I clicked abort - this will screw up the software but not stop the exposure. It will stop an exposure sequence if you accidentally requested too many repeats. 

     c) Slow H or K detector readouts - it usually takes about 30 seconds longer than the requested exposure time. slow readout might be a detector computer issue.

SCP issues:

     a) Star not moving to reference - maybe it did and you should take another image.

     b) star still not moving to reference - when you click on the star, the centroid positions are displayed in the text box. When you say 'Go R' the offsets are displayed. if this doesn't happen, then your click on the star didn't register. Click on the target star until a green box appears around it, then say 'Go R'.

     c) Slow image readouts - usually related to the detector control computer. sometimes helped by restarting the software or the ICC. If the problem persists, email instrument support. If it is really bad, call for help.

HKP issues: 

     a) The pressure is higher than 3E-5 torr - it may not be physical, but a result of a bad pressure gauge. If the temperatures are stable, then just email observer support. If you suspect a bigger issue then call for help.

     b) Some readouts say 'Err' or '-999' - this means that the communication to the electronics rack is unstable. The ICC should be rebooted.

These are the different solutions to all the issues with the ICC:

Solution 1: Close the DTP, SCP, and HKP. Close the Hub. Restart the Hub and the software just like at the start of the night.

Solution 2: Restart the ICC. This is a more technical task that requires a couple additional commands at startup. If you don't know what they are, then contact instrument support.

Solution 3: Get help from instrument support. There may be a problem with the network communication or the instrument itself.

3) The H band detector control computer won't power on.  - We have only seen this issue twice, when the DCCH was shut down in cold weather. Greg suspects that the computer wont start unless above 50F, but warming the whole rack doesn't seem to help. Success has required removing the DCCH from the rack and taking it to a lab bench for testing. This has fixed the boot issue both times and is likely due to the warmer temperature of the work space.