Instrument Information

With the Discovery Channel Telescope at Lowell Observatory (34° 44′ 40″ N, 111° 25′ 20″ W, or 248.5778 34.744 2360 -7) 

Wavelength CoverageH: 1.47-1.81μm, K: 1.95-2.48μm
Spectral ResolutionR = λ/Δλ = ~40,000 (1.164x10-5 μm/pixel; 2km/s per pixel)
Resolution Element (3.3 pixels)3.84x10-5 μm ; ~6.6 km/s
Slit Scale0.63" x 9.3"
SVC Field of View~117.4" x 70.3" (Slit Viewer Field-of-View)
Pixel Scale0.0783" per pixel (SVC)


2k x 2k Teledyne HgCdTe HAWAII-2RG CMOS

Detector GainH: ~2.05 e-/ADU, K: ~2.21 e-/ADU
Full WellH: ~9.1x104 e-, K: ~105 e-
Minimum Data Taking Time1.63 sec exposure with Fowler number 1
Read NoiseH: ~10.92 e-, K: ~8.93 e-



As for the FOV of the SVC, refer to the image below.


To check the instrument in real time: