The University of Texas at Austin maintains a site license that covers academic and administrative usage of Esri ArcGIS products for faculty, staff, and students.

Q: For what purposes can I use ESRI ArcGIS software and products? Who can use ESRI ArcGIS products?

A: Our site license covers both academic (teaching, research and service) and administrative uses. Faculty, staff and students at the University of Texas at Austin and its component institutions may use the products. ESRI has provide a rubric for determining permitted uses under the education site license.

Q: What ESRI products are available under the terms of the site license?

A: ESRI has provided a list of software and applications provided under our site license.

Q: Who pays for the site license? How much does a license cost?

A: The cost of the University of Texas at Austin site license is covered by several participating units:

  • School of Architecture
  • Cockrell School of Engineering
  • Jackson School of Geological Sciences
  • College of Liberal Arts
  • College of Natural Sciences
  • Technology Resources (TRECS)
  • LBJ School of Public Affairs

These units have agreed to make the ESRI site license available to all units at the University without additional cost. If a non-participating unit demonstrates significant usage of the site license products (typically 15+ seats), they will be asked to participate in funding the site license.

Q: How do I obtain ESRI software and products for administrative use?

A: Please reference the site license permitted use rubric to identify if your proposed usage is covered by the site license. The administrative portion of the site license is managed by TRECS.

Q: How do I get the software?

A: A collection of ESRI ArcGIS software is available for download from UTBox. If the application or data you are looking for is not in Box, please send a request to Site License Administrator.

Q: How do I get a license?

A: There are several options for obtaining a license to use ESRI ArcGIS products. The preferred method is to use the campus license server for using ArcGIS Desktop.

To use the campus license server, follow these steps:

  1. Launch ArcGIS Administrator
  2. Select the "Desktop" tab
  3. Select "Advanced (ArcInfo) Concurrent use"
  4. Enter "" under the License Manager (for Concurrent Use software products)
  5. Be sure that you enable any extensions you intend to use.

Note that you must either be on the campus wired or wireless network to use the license server. If users are off-campus, they must use the campus VPN service.

The campus license server provides the ability to check-out a concurrent license for up to 90 days. Users are strongly encouraged to use this feature if they will intermittently be in the field, or off-campus. For users who will be off-campus for extended periods of time, or who have special software needs, an individual stand-alone license may be provided. Please contact the Site License Administrator to request a stand-alone license.

Q: How do I get an ArcGIS Online account? How do I associate my existing ArcGIS Online account with the UT ArcGIS Online site?

A: End users should create an ArcGIS Online account.  Please note that an ESRI user account can only be associated with one ArcGIS Online organization.

Q: How many service credits is available to me under my ArcGIS Online subscription?

A: Each ArcGIS Online subscription account has a quota of 1000 service credits. For a list of services that require credit usage, please visit the Service Credits Overview page to see how many services credits are consumed by different types of ArcGIS Online operations. In order to most effectively manage your credit consumption it is recommended that you try to estimate the number of credits that will be used to complete geocoding, map tile caching, and other operations that can quickly consume credits prior to running these processes.

Q: How do I get access to ArcGIS Pro?

A: ArcGIS Pro licenses are now provided with your UT Austin linked ArcGIS Online account. See instructions at for downloading, installing, and licensing ArcGIS Pro.

Q: How do I learn how to use ArcGIS software and ArcGIS Online?

A: Our site license provides unlimited access to Self-Paced E-Learning.  All new UT-linked ArcGIS Online accounts created after 7/1/2020 should be able to access E-Learning resources as long as you are logged in to ArcGIS Online when you visit the E-Learning site. If you have an older account, your training access may not have automatically been activated and you should send a request to the Site License Administrator with your username, requesting access to E-Learning.

Q: How do I get support?

A: Only registered support contacts can submit support requests to ESRI as part of our site license. Please contact the indicated support contact for your unit:

School of ArchitectureRob Stepnoski

Cockrell School of Engineering

Greg Smithhart or Laurie Wood

Jackson School of Geological Sciences

Mark Wiederspahn
College of Liberal ArtsLiberal Arts ITS Computer Support
College of Natural SciencesKen Wray
Administrative UsesTRECS

End users not in one of these units will not receive support from ESRI customer care.

Q: Are their student labs on campus that have ESRI ArcGIS available for use?

A: There are several labs and other facilities on campus that have ESRI ArcGIS available, including, but not limited to:

  • SAC 5.112 (Anthropology Lab) - open to Anthropology students when classes aren't in session
  • PCL General Libraries student use computers
  • All classroom consoles with Windows computers in Liberal Arts-managed classrooms
  • Note that other lab facilities may be available, check with your individual college or department.

Q: I'm at a different UT institution. Does the site license cover other UT System campuses?

A: Most UT System component institutions have their own site license with ESRI. Contacts for each institution are:

  • Robert Allen and Jami Dinsmore, UT Rio Grande Valley
  • Dr. Fan Qiu, UT Dallas
  • Raed Aldouri, UT El Paso
  • Stuart Foote, UT San Antonio
  • Brandon Gunnip, UT Arlington