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A number of business school courses require specific software as part of their course work. In addition, there are several software applications that are general useful to students at the McCombs School of Business. This software is made available to students in a couple of ways.

1. Installation on Student Computers

The primary way students are expected to use their course software outside of class is by installing the software onto their own personal notebook or home computer. Much of the software is freely available on the Internet. Both the University and the McCombs School of Business have negotiated with software makers to make remaining commercial software available to students for free or at reduced pricing.

Commercial software available for free or reduced pricing include

Attention Mac Users

Some of the software available to students is Windows-only software. Students with Macintosh computers can still install this software if they first create a Windows virtual machine on their computer. More information about this can be found at Installing OVA files with VirtualBox on a Mac .

2. Labs

The business school has a modular lab, the Mod Lab, that is available for use during class and exams. This lab consists of a room of 80 lab stations easily divisible into two rooms of 40 lab stations each. These lab stations contain all the software used by classes that meet in this lab. It is accessible by students only during class time on days where their professors reserve the lab for such use. These lab stations contain the software specifically required by certain classes that meet in the Mod Lab along with general use software such as Microsoft office.

In addition to this, there is a single lab of 8 computers reserved for research use by PhD students. PhD students also have access to a research terminal server that contains specific data analysis applications.

Finally, computers are installed in 51 of the individual study cubicles in the NRG Center (GSB4.112A). These computers run most of the software that is also deployed in the Mod lab.

Since no students will need to use all software that is available at the business school, students may wish to use the View By Category wiki page to view a list of available software most relevant to them. For those who want to see the complete list of all available software, please see the All Software page. Finally, faculty who would like to request additional software to be made available for students or would like to reserve a lab for class should visit Info for Faculty.