VMWare Player and Fusion

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VMWare Player is software that will allow you to run virtual machines in your won computer.

  • Where Available: Mod Lab, Student Computer
  • Source: VMWare Academic Program (see installation help link)
  • Cost:  Free through VMAP; $70 through the Campus Computer Store.
  • Course: MIS 373
  • Platform: Windows (for Player), Mac (for Fusion)
  • Mac Equivalent: VMWare Fusion
  • Installation Help: Please see Using Imagine and VMAP wiki page for information about how to download and install this software through this program.


VMWare Player is available for free download from the Internet, but it works for Windows only. Fusion is VMWare's Mac version of this software. It normally costs about $70 at the Campus Computer Store, but it is available for free to business school students through the business school's participation in the VMWare Academic Program.

Non business students who do not qualify for the VMAP program can instead use Oracle VirtualBox software which functions in much the same way. Box is available for free for Windows, MacOS and Linux athttps://www.virtualbox.org/.