Graduation FAQ

If you are graduating, we highly recommend that you read our Graduation page first.

When you graduate, your technology resources change. Here are important dates you should know:

Now through
May 4, 2023

Set up your email forwarding before leaving for the semester*, and if you have an Austin Office 365 mailbox, backup anything you want to keep.

May 11, 2023

Official end of the semester. You no longer have current student status after this date.

* You can forward your email at any time, but if you wait until after your account is deleted you will miss email sent between the account deletion and when forwarding takes effect. You are responsible for backing up your mailbox before account deletion.

Email and server space

Q. What services are getting disabled, deleted, shut off, whatever you call it?

A. When you graduate, you keep your computer, but lose the following McCombs services:

  • Your e-mailbox on the Austin Office 365 tenant (usually applicable only to full-time regular MBA students)
  • Access to McCombs computer labs
  • Your SWAT Shop support
  • Your account
  • Your UTexas.Box.Com files.

Q. Why is my mailbox (and My Site, etc.) getting deleted?

A. As a McCombs student, you were granted certain technology services in order to help you achieve your academic goals. When you graduate, we disable these services because we need to make space for the new incoming students.

Q. When are these services disabled?

A. Refer to the table above for the important dates related to graduation. On the last day of the semester, you are no longer considered to have current student status. As long as you set up your email forwarding, you will not miss any new email we receive addressed to you. To avoid any disruption and hassle, make sure you complete the essential steps listed on the Graduation page.

Q. What happens to my email when my mailbox gets deleted?

A. If you set up email forwarding, any email sent to your McCombs email address will be automatically forwarded to your alternate email address. If you do not set up email forwarding, your emails will bounce back to the sender as undeliverable.

Q. Can I send email that appears to come from my McCombs email address?

A. Yes. Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo all allow you to send email from another email address. You need your email forwarding set up to do this. Instructions

This feature may not be available from other email service providers. You should check with your email provider to find out if it is available.

Q. Can I keep my email account?

A. Yes, you keep your UTmail address and mailbox after graduation. Nothing should change with this account. For further questions, see ITS' graduation website or contact the ITS Help Desk at 475-9400.

Q. I'm confused - what's the difference between my McCombs email account and my account?

A. Many students use UTmail, provided by the University, which ends in

For graduate students who signed up for it, you also have an additional address that is stamped on this UTMail account, which is in the format, where year is your graduation year and program is the program you are in, such as MBA, PhD, etc., e.g.,

Lastly, full-time regular MBA students have a mailbox, provisioned on the Austin Office 365 tenant, whose address ends in, where class is your degree and year, such as This email can be viewed from the Webmail link on the McCombs School of Business webpage or through Outlook.

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After Account Deletion

Q. Can I still get into McCombs Online Resources to update my profile after I graduate?

A. Yes. After you graduate, you will still be able to log into MOR using your UT-EID. However, there may be a short period of time when you cannot access MOR. This time falls between the end of the semester and the date the University marks you as graduated. This does not happen every graduation semester. If it applies to the current semester it will be listed in the table at the top of this page.

Your options will change to alumni options starting on the 12th class date of the semester following your graduation.

Once you graduate, your MOR profile is no longer tied to UT-Direct. You will need to enter address changes directly into the MOR Profile. Entering your employer information can help provide networking services for your fellow alumni and currently enrolled students.

Q. I'm trying to log into my email and I'm getting an error message. What happened?

A. Most likely, your McCombs mailbox was deleted. Check the table at the top of this page for the approximate account deletion time. This means that you can no longer log in to check your email on the Austin Office 365 tenant through Outlook or Outlook Web Access (webmail). If you set up lifetime email forwarding, any messages received after your account deletion will be sent to your alternate email address.

If you didn't set up lifetime email forwarding, messages sent to you after your account was deleted are bounced back to the sender. You can still set up lifetime email forwarding now so that you don't miss any more emails.

Q. Can I still get SWAT Shop support after I graduate?

A. Unfortunately, no. We are only able to assist currently enrolled students.

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