Computer Labs

Computer Services maintains several computer labs for use by our students and faculty. These facilities are an important resource and are in high demand throughout the year.  

Student Computer Labs:

Millennium Lab - CBA 5.322

General Use Lab Area:

160 Dell OptiPlex 745 (Intel Core 2 CPU @ 2.13 GHz)


80 GB Hard Drive


19 inch Dell Flat panel monitor with swivel and tilt base

Team Lab Area:

6 Dell OptiPlex 745 (Intel Core 2 CPU @ 2.13 GHz) equipped with dual flat panel monitors for team use only.

Prior to use, you must make a team reservation with the lab consultants.

Please check our Team Lab Rules page before using the Team Lab.
If you have any questions, please feel free to see a lab consultant.


5 Dell M520 Laser printers

2 Lexmark Optra C710 Color Laser printers (plain and transparency)
printer queue: cbamil_lw (black and white plain paper)
printer queue: cbamil_clw (color plain paper)
printer queue: cbamil_clw_trans (color and black and white transparency)

Reliant Productivity Center - GSB 4.112A


Study Areas for individuals and group collaboration. The Reliant Productivity Center has 200+ ports and power outlets for notebook computers.

You must present your UT ID card to enter this room.


2 Dell M520 Laser printers

printer queue: cbarr_lw

Teaching Labs:

MOD Lab (CBA 5.325 & CBA 5.304)


The MOD lab is available for faculty/staff reservation. The entire lab contains 80 workstations and 2 instructor/command stations and is capable of being divided into two 40 workstation labs designated as MOD Lab East (CBA 5.325) and MOD Lab West (CBA 5.304). The lab is also equipped with computer, whiteboard, transparency, and video (VHS and DVD) projection with sound. Laptop usage/projection cable, wireless microphone, and a wireless mouse are available upon request. Please indicate need for this equipment on the reservation form. Any additional equipment (laptop, portable or freestanding lectern, presentation remote, laser pointer, etc...) must be reserved through Media Services (471-4095). Simultaneous and local capabilities allow the lab features to be controlled from either one or both instructor stations:

General Lab Area:

80 Dell OptiPlex 745 (Intel Core 2 CPU @ 2.13 GHz)

80 GB Hard Drive
19 inch Dell flat panel monitor


2 Dell M520 Laser printers (1 in MOD West and 1 in MOD East)

Printer queue MOD West: cbamod1_lw
Printer queue MOD East: cbamod2_lw

Training Team Lab

Currently under construction.

Behavioral Research Lab:


The McCombs School Behavioral Research Laboratory is designed to facilitate leading-edge research on issues that affect individual or organizational performance. There are two major rooms in the Behavioral Research Laboratory: (1) a large room with tables and associated viewing area with video equipment, and (2) a workstation room. These rooms can be reserved together or separately by McCombs School faculty members and PhD students. There is also a third room (Small Focus Room) that can be used for smaller experiments, conferences, or as a control area for administering experiments taking place in the other rooms.

Lab Reservations:

MOD Lab Reservations:

Behavioral Research Laboratory Reservations:

Fall 2008 Lab Hours

Posted hours are subject to change according to usage demand and other factors. Please check the lab home page for the latest information regarding any upcoming changes.

The Millennium Lab (CBA 5.322):

Sunday 2:00pm through Friday 9:00pm
Saturday 10:00am until 9:00pm

The Reliant Productivity Center (CBA 4.112A):

The RPC will be staffed (I.D. scanning and printer upkeep) during the hours listed below only:
All week: Same as Millennium Lab

The MOD Lab (CBA 5.304 and 5.325):

The MOD Lab hours are subject to change according to class schedules and other variables. Please do not depend on this lab being open at any given time.