McCombs Information Solutions Team

The McCombs Information Solutions Team (formerly ACS) is a team of software developers that create software for the McCombs school of business. MIST has an extensive Software Catalog of application user documentation. If you would like to request work on an existing application or a brand new application, you can use Project Central to enter the necessary information.

Mission Statement

We are a team of Information Technology professionals that are dedicated to the creation of software for the benefit of the students, faculty, staff members, and alumni of the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin.


The superior performance of McCombs School of Business depends on the strategic use of quality, efficient software. In order to best serve the entire college, we will use good judgment to address the software needs of the McCombs School by adopting the following guiding principles:

Institutional Vision:

  • We will provide solutions that support the McCombs Strategic Plan
  • We will develop software that enhances the McCombs School’s prestige.
  • We will develop software that benefits the core constituents of the McCombs School.
  • We will develop software that is consistent with University policy.
  • We will develop systems that comply with local, state and federal regulations.

Client Vision:

  • We will develop software that provides a tangible benefit to the McCombs School of Business, either by generating time savings, generating revenue or improving customer service experiences.
  • We will work closely with clients to make sure that the software we provide enhances business processes and does not hinder them.
  • We will maintain positive relationships with our clients through timely information and communication.
  • We will promote end-user self-sufficiency through training, information and communication

Group Vision:

  • We will implement rigorous quality control measures to ensure that we deliver software free of major defects and meet the business needs of the McCombs School.

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