UPO Customer Service Console


The purpose of the UPO Customer Service Console is to monitor the service interaction between students and the UPO staff resources dedicated to aiding in the successful completion of BBA degree requirements.

Latest News/Upgrades

December, 2002 – System initially migrated to production

April, 2003 – system modified to automatically refresh waiting list

October, 2003 – automatic refresh disabled

May, 2007 – advisor survey added to system; when student is removed from the wait list, email is sent to the student prompting them to complete an advisor survey.

Application Details

When the student enters the reception area of the UPO, they provide their UT ID for the peer advisor to enter the student’s ID via the card swipe interface. If the student does not have their ID card with them, or the ID is unable to provide a reliable swipe, the student’s EID is entered into the system. The peer advisor then determines the type of appointment the student has, and the advisor they are scheduled to see. After all necessary information has been entered into the system, the student waits in the reception area until called by the advisor they are scheduled to meet. The student’s name is removed from the wait list once s/he has been called by the academic advisor.


All individuals identified by the UPO Director of Advising with a need to use this system will received input access. Student workers do not receive access to the admin portion of the system.

Business Cycle

The Customer Service Console is available throughout the academic year, with peak use during heavy advising periods.

FAQ/Additional Notes - Details

Does this system access the Advisor's Toolkit?

Yes. The student's highlighted name is a link to their Toolkit record. Advisors are able to include notes pertaining to the student to their Toolkit record as well.

What types of student contact are documented by the Customer Service Console?

Phone calls, lobby visits, scheduled and walk-in advisor appointments are logged by the CSC.

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