Change your From field display name in Outlook in messages you compose

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If you send email as different addresses, then you are used to seeing the From field in messages that you compose. The way your name appears to you in the From field is specific to your configuration of Outlook and does not affect how your name or return email address appears to other people who receive email from you.

Example of From field in Outlook


If you would like to configure how your name appears to you in the From field, follow the steps below. You will need to do this on each computer where you use Outlook, since this a client side setting.


  1. In Outlook select the File menu, click the Account Settings submenu and select "Account Settings..." from that.

  2. In the Account Settings window make sure your account is selected (it will probably be the only one available) and click the "Change..." button.

  3. In the Change Account window click the "More Settings..." button.

  4. In the Microsoft Exchange window on the General tab enter whatever display name you prefer into the "Exchange Account" text box. Then click OK. The change should take effect immediately.