BBA Study Abroad Student System

The BBA Study Abroad Student System provides tools for BBA Study Abroad staff to track prospective and current Study Abroad students. This system works in concert with the SIS C-GEO application.

Using the BBA Study Abroad Student System allows students to:

  • Logon securely via UT EID.
  • Update selected personal information.
  • Complete an online Returned Student Survey.

This system allows administrative staff to:

  • Solicit information from returned students through the BBA Study Abroad Returned Student Survey.
  • Perform survey maintenance.
  • Track students.
  • Add a student profile.
  • Email all current prospects.
  • Load prospects from an information session.
  • View current students.
  • View a current listing of BBA students with a C-GEO application.
  • View other pertinent information.