FCC Peer Advisor Appointment System


FCC Peer Advisor Appointment System is a career directory system used by advisors to help students with a multitude of career services.

Using the FCC Peer Advisor Appointment System allows us to: 

  • Require users to log in before being able to use online resources.
  • Validate user accounts against the McCombs School of Business Server. Additionally uses UT-EID authentication.
  • Allows a portal to search the Ford Career Center(FCC) job board.
  • Help students with: general career advice, resume review, mock interviews, career letter review networking advice and thank you letter advice.
  • Restricts access to an authorized subset of users (such as departmental students, faculty, and staff, alumni), either at all times or for a period of time.
  • As Admin staff, it will allow you to Emulate users, search student data, view waitlist information, send mass emails to students and alumni.
  • Log usage and other activity.