MBA Scholarship System


MBA Scholarship System is for current MBA students who wish to apply for scholarships online.

Using the MBA Scholarship System allows us to: 

  • The scholarship application consists of these sections: Local Contact Information: In this section, students will be asked to provide your name, address, phone number and e-mail. Program/Application Details: Section two asks about the program students are enrolled in and the basis for your application. Residency Information: In section three, students specify if they are a U.S. Citizen, a green card holder or a non-green card holder. Education/Work Information: This section includes questions about student recent work history and future career plans, as well as questions about their educational experiences and GMAT scores. Financial Aid Information: Requests all students to complete a financial aid application. Domestic students must complete the FAFSA application located online at and for International students to complete the UT International Program Office financial aid application located online at Essays: Two short essay questions are included in the application. Students are asked to compose each response on a word processor, and limit each answer to one type-written double-spaced page. Profile: The final section of the application asks students to provide a brief biographical sketch that can be provided to the donor in the event they are awarded a scholarship. 
  • As Admin staff on the Selection Committee, it will allow you to Complete a Review Form, As Director of Student Services, it allows you to Choose Selection Committee, Create Review Forms, Request Spreadsheet of Applicant Data and Committee Scores, Request Spreadsheet of Applicant Addresses, View Entire Applicant List, Search for Applicants by Criteria and View Application by Student ID.