First Class Day

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The RTF Department no longer prints out hard copies of class rosters for faculty. Therefore, please run a roster for yourself immediately before your first class meeting at . Make sure to run rosters for any cross-listed sections you may have.

Your first class meeting may be a screening, lab, or discussion section. Students are expected to attend these first class meetings, even if they are not a lecture.

Please make sure to call roll on the first day of class. Students who do not attend the first class meeting can be dropped. If you want to enforce this policy, please provide a list of students to be dropped to Briana, Bert, or Susan immediately following your first class meeting.

Through UT's online waiting list, students will automatically be added from the waiting list into any available places in your class until January 20 (the fourth class day). You do not need to sign blue add forms or decide who to let into your class.

You should not be surprised to see new faces in your classes during the first four days of the fall semester. It is incumbent upon a student to contact you and their classmates about missed lectures, handouts, and work from the first class days.

You are able to view the students on the waiting list for your course/s through CLIPs. The undergraduate advisor is able to turn the lists on and off, but cannot reorder or prioritize the lists.

RTF students are strongly encouraged to attend the first class meetings of courses for which they're on the waiting list. However, we cannot require them to attend. If you need to adjust the closing limit for one of your courses, please contact the undergraduate advisor.


In order to give permission to non-majors and graduate students whom you want to have in your class. Because they are not RTF undergraduates, they cannot get on the waiting list for upper-division RTF courses (except for RTF331Q and 331R).

In order to give permission to students whom you want to privilege over everyone else who is waiting to get into the class.

After the fourth class day, at which point you may choose (crucial word = "may") to add more students. If there is space in your class, you are encouraged to accept additional students.

If someone in the RTF department receives a blue add form from a student, we will add them into your class even if the class is full. Please be conscious of your closing limits and exceeding them and, if necessary, coordinate with the undergraduate advisor.