Remove utguest so it does not rejoin in macOS

  • go to the apple menu
  • select system preferences
  • select Network on about the 4th row if you're counting the appleid portion as a row.
  • unlock with eid-admin on lower left of pane
  • click wifi
  • click advanced
  • click utguest
  • click the minus sign in the lower left
  • while you are in this pane, find utexas in the wifi list and drag it all the way to the 1st or 2nd position just above or below your home wifi network. you can do the same with your home wifi. 
  • make sure the auto-join is checked off in both of those networks. doing these last 2 steps will take less "cycling" time through all the wifi networks to rejoin when home or back on campus
  • you may take this opportunity to clean up all the old wifis you might have joined in your travels and select them and click the minus sign here too.
  • click ok and close out of the preferences.

if you "fall off" of utexas, it may add utguest back