Communication Inventory - CCART processing for UT Surplus

1.   Gather inventory to be processed for surplus in one physical location. 

  • In the case of our surplus room, the inventory should be more or less collected in one part of the room to set it apart from spare systems.

2.   Scan or otherwise gather a list of UT tag numbers for the inventory that has been collected.

  • The Tech Team has three hand held bar code scanners for this purpose, which once set up, make this process easy and less prone to error. The Projects team has a wireless USB scanner, the Service Desk has a Bluetooth scanner, and we also have a wired USB scanner. 
  • When collecting the UT tag numbers, it is also useful to take some descriptive information down about the item, like "D400" or "Al iMac 24".  Sometimes mainframe inventory data doesn't correlate with what you eyes are seeing so it is good to have notes to go by.

3. For each inventory number, update the NV1 screen in DEFINE for the new location. 

  • Be sure "Inactive Records" is checked when first searching.

4. In screen 1, update the location information.

  • Update screen 1 if possible, screen 6 otherwise.  Locations codes for building and room number must be updated to new location.
  • Update that item was found, and in Location notes specify location, bldg and room number, EID, and date.   Example:  LOCATED IN CMB2.104-KUT SURPLUS LEFT BEHIND IN B1.112

5. Make notes in your original list so that it can be sorted and the problematic inventory numbers can be set aside for later processing.

Notes in red in Excel pic above.

6. Process CCARTS for non-problematic tag numbers.

  • Go to CCARTS web link.  Log in with UT EID.
  • Enter inventory numbers per row.  If computer, mark it so under Special Handling
  • Click the Transfer to Surplus button at top of page to autofill UT Surplus Unit code in the Transfer to Unit field. 
  • Click Create CCARTS.

7. CCARTS are then created from your list based on department unit code and controlled vs non-controlled items.