Equipment Checkout Student Worker Policies

General Policies:

It is important that you make all of your scheduled shifts. Irregular shift attendance and frequent tardiness are unacceptable and can be grounds for dismissal. Student employees will be first given a verbal warning followed up by a written warning and possible dismissal. Student employees also cannot request vacation time. Official days off are UT student holidays as well.  

We use coordinate shifts. Keep your contact information (email / phone number) up-to-date. For scheduling questions, please check the posted schedule.

  • Requesting Time Off:
    1. Create a Shift Trade or Shift Release request on If there is no reply, it is YOUR responsibility to call, text or personally email other student workers to obtain shift coverage. 
    2. Inform the schedule coordinator at least 2 days in advance after you have tried ALL of the above and could not find coverage for your scheduled shift time. 
    3. If you still cannot find anyone to cover your shift, immediately contact the schedule coordinator to discuss your options. Otherwise, you are expected to work that shift.
    4. If you agree to fill someone else's shift, you are responsible for working that shift. 
  • Illness:
    • Please do not come into work if you have a contagious illness. Send an email to as soon as you know you are too ill to make your shift.
    • Send a Shift Release request through in order to get your shift covered BEFORE the beginning of your shift. This should happen as soon as possible BEFORE the beginning of your shift.
    • Repeated absences may require a doctor's note before returning to work. You are also required to meet with a full time staff member before returning from your absence.
    • Please contact your immediate supervisor if you become ill during your shift and cannot complete your assigned hours. Leaving your shift unannounced in any way is not acceptable and may be grounds for dismissal.

  • Emergencies:


Timesheets should be submitted by 8am every Monday.  Timesheets are due bi-weekly every month (mid and end of month). It is your responsibility to fill out your timesheet accurately and submit it on time.

Late timesheets are not acceptable unless it involves issues beyond your control. Multiple reminders to submit your timesheet on time can result in a verbal warning followed up by a written warning and possible dismissal.

Down time:

Keep smartphone usage (phone calls, texting, apps, browsing) to a minimum. Please go to the back storage room or outside if you need to take a personal call. Please do not use social media (facebook, instagram, snapchat, twitter, etc.) in the Equipment Checkout room.

Please DO NOT use personal laptops and/or tablets while at work. It is important that you look approachable by clients, and that you greet each person coming in to let them know that you are available to help.

Do not watch movies, music videos or TV shows.

One fifteen-minute break is allowed during your shift if your shift is at least 4 hours long.  For a 6 hour shift, two fifteen-minute breaks are allowed.

Shift Breaks:

  • Cannot be taken at the beginning or end of your shift
  • Need to be taken before 4pm if possible
  • Need permission of full-time staff before taking

General Expectations:

  • Let a full-time staff member know if you have any issues (malfunctioning equipment, issues with patrons, issues with coworkers, etc.).
  • Maintain a friendly, professional, and polite demeanor to all patrons at all times.
  • Keep yourself neat and clean. Proper hygiene is necessary (bathing, brushing teeth, anti-perspirant/deodorant). 
  • Wear work appropriate clothes. Enclosed shoes are required as you may be lifting items and toes may be in danger of having things dropped on them.
  • Opening/closing duty checklists are to be maintained daily.
  • Login to Microsoft Teams and read/review the Microsoft Teams "Announcements" chat messages at the beginning of EVERY shift. Teams is accessible online through your Microsoft 365 account. This does not work via the Safari browser. 
  • Name tags are to be worn during all shifts.
  • Everyone is expected to keep their work areas tidy and free of clutter. 
  • Restroom breaks can be taken as needed. 
  • Answer the phone courteously and professionally. "Moody College Equipment Checkout, this is (your name)" or "Equipment Checkout, this is (your name)" are the preferred greetings.
  • Keep all talk to a moderate level. 
  • Listening to music is allowed.  Please use the computer at station 6 only, and keep the music level down.  Please avoid offensive/inappropriate lyrics.
  • Generally, food and drinks are not allowed.  We will allow covered drinks (water bottles, containers with lids). Keep drinks away from workstations.  It gets in the way of the checkout process, and it can spill onto equipment.