How to store a recorded session video in CMB1 Behavioral Science Lab

Now that you have recorded a session what you do with the file is up to you.  The files are stored locally on the computer if you recorded video and on your SD card/USB drive if you recorded audio only from the iKey mp3 recorder in the A/V rack.   You can copy the file(s) to a flash drive to take with you or you can send them somewhere (Box, Vimeo, YouTube, your own web server) from the computer in the laboratory control room.  The decision about what to do with the files is up to you.  Our recommendation is to use UT's Box Cloud Storage

Box Cloud Storage

Box Cloud Storage is a campus-wide service that allows faculty and staff at the University of Texas at Austin to use Box cloud-based file sharing for business use. Currently only faculty and staff may use Box for business purposes. Box for academic use by students has not been approved due to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) issues with the Box web interface.


  • Quickly collaborate on documents and safely store Cat-I data.
  • Have a secure method to share files across campus or across institutions.
  • Easily sync important files between your desktop, laptop, smartphone and tablet device.
  • Keep files current with apps for iOS, Android and Blackberry.

Follow the steps below to use UT's Box Cloud Storage

Step 1 - Create Account /  Log in

Sign up for an Account or log in here -

Log in using your UT EID.

Step 2 - Upload a file

To upload a file you can drag & drop it from another window, 
or you can click on the UPLOAD button at the top of the page

Step 3 - Share the file 

Once the file upload has completed you can share the file.

Click on the SHARE button then click on SEND to email
a link to the file.

From this window you can enter names or email addresses 
to those who you want to share the file with.

You can also copy and paste the link into your email,
messenger app, etc.

Collaborating on files with others

You can create a folder for your files if you need to
collaborate with others in your research group or with
people not at UT.

Create a folder name and add email addresses of those 
who you want to collaborate with.

To learn more about Box watch the video below