Video Production and Hosting Solutions

Online Hosting Solutions

The Moody College of Communication, as well as individual departments within the college, maintain Vimeo, LiveStream and YouTube accounts for hosting of video and audio content developed in-house.  Using established, third-party services to meet video hosting needs provides well known paths for users of online media while keeping infrastructure and support overhead low. 

Video Production

Video Production is managed through various channels within the College. 

Moody College Communication Team

The Moody Communication Team manages video services for high profile events and public relations needs.  Service offerings for video by the Communication Team our outlined on their Video Production wiki.

Moody College Technology Team

Video and audio production in support of classes and events are managed by the Technology Services Team.  Information on this service can be found at:

Texas Student Media

For off-hours and weekend videography needs, contracted services are available through Texas Student Media.  More information about their offering can be found at

Not sure who to call regarding your video production needs?  You can call the Technology Help Line at 512-471-1199 or email us at and we'll try to help you figure out which avenue best meets your needs. 


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How To's:

Embedding a video from Vimeo or YouTube

Saving videos from YouTube and Vimeo

Compress a video for Vimeo

Upload a video to Vimeo

Adobe Encoder - Vimeo HD Encoding

Adobe Encoder - Vimeo SD Encoding

Vimeo Procedure for RTF 305

Compressor - Vimeo Droplet Workflow

LiveStream - Setting up to Webcast an event