How to Record Custom Audio Speech Samples for Audiological Testing

This document addresses several methods of performing audio recording of the human voice for narration, audilogical testing, books on tape, etc. While aimed at researchers in our CSD program, these instructions could be used for recording voice interviews or narration for a film.

The workflow below outlines several methods for recording a series of long audio files followed by editing techniques. Finally, the workflow identifies a method of using markers to batch export a series of audio files from the 1 long master audio file. These individual audio files could be a single word, a sentence, a chapter, etc. Since all editing is performed on the 1 long master audio file, this workflow ensures consistency between all the individual output files.

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Option A: Record your Audio in CMA 4.140 Voice Booth

Option B: Check out Studio Mic & Field Recorder to Record your Audio

Option C: Check out USB Studio Mic to Record your Audio to your comptuer

Edit your Audio

Optional: Set Markers & Export to Separate Files

reviewed 10/9/17 - Cox