JAMF - How to make a Smart Computer Group - separate lab computer group

JAMF how to make a "smart" lab computer group

Note that the individual computers will automatically get added to the lab group when they are named with the lab room number.

Example we are making a new smart group for CMB 4.126 so any computer with the computer name that includes CMB4126 ex: COMM-A21637-CMB4126-06

Click on Computers

Click on Smart Computer Groups

Click on one of the lab computer groups

Then click on "Clone" to make a copy of the lab computer group

Change the Display Name to the new computer group name you want to use

Then click on Criteria

On the top row the criteria to match should be the room number

Make sure the VALUE has a period in front and at the end of the room #

Make sure that you have
Second row to leave out the teaching stations

Then choose Save