AVID 101 and 110 Instructor Media

Several Projects in the AVID Books require you to Create Projects that

will use classmedia but there is not a "Classmedia" pre made project.

Two of these projects are The Rock Climber in the (AVID Fundamentals I)

101 book and Anesthesia from the (AVID Fundamentals II) 110 book.

In the (AVID Fundamentals I) Book Lesson 2, the Rock Climber Project has to be created by the students. The Media is then "Linked" to the files in the "Rock Climber QT's" folder using the Source Browser. We are putting the files on the EditShare in a folder called "Course Materials" 

The Instructor Bin is the bin that contains all the 10 pre-built sequences corresponding to the "This is how your sequence should look now" figs in Lesson 3, 4 and 5 and 10

The sequences will be offline till the project is created and the media is linked

This link is where you can download the instructor bin

In the 110 Book Lesson 1 you are asked to Create the Anesthesia Project and

to make new bins and then "Open" Bins from "CLASS BINS" that the Instructor or

Teaching Assistant will give to the class. Question is WHERE ARE THESE BINS? 

They are in a .zipped folder on the Classes Server called Mc 8_6 Instructor Files and AVID Projects

>class_folders>Classmedia>avid_editing_classmedia>AVID MC8_6 101 and 110 Media>MC 8_6 Instructor Files and AVID Projects.zip

ln Exercise 1.1, you will need to provide students with the bins required to complete their project. Alt­drag (Windows) or Option-drag (Mac) the folder "MCI lO_CLASS BINS" from the "MCl l0_ANESTHESIA_lNSTRUCTOR" project folder and copy it to the Avid Projects folder on each class system. The students will add these bins to a project folder they create called, "MCl l0_Anesthesia," as part of Exercise 1.1.