Adobe Creative Cloud Managed Licensing and Installation Workflow

After you have been added to the UT accounts granting you access you will receive an email from Adobe stating that you have access to Creative Cloud

Moody College email -

We will need the Name, Email and Department Admin of the person getting the software.

Now you need to make an Adobe ID. If you had one before don't use it here!!! This has to be a new Adobe ID that is associated with your UT Adobe Creative Cloud Account based on your UT email address.

Create a password and choose the Country/Region

Click Continue

Now you can download the applications that you would like to use.

Click on Desktop Downloads

Recommended that you do this on a wired connection because there is a lot of data to download here.

Fill in the blanks here as we have in this example

Click Continue

The CreativeCloudInstaller.dmg will download

Open it and run it

Install the application

Put in the admin credentials for the computer. If you don't have administrator rights on your computer then contact.

Click the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop Icon to open the Desktop Application

Sign in with your UT Adobe credentials that you made in Step 2 of this wiki

Don't sign in with Facebook and Google

Put in your mobile number here.

Choose Text me

You will get a text put in the 6 digit code.

Choose Verify

Click Done

Click on the Apps Tab

Install what you want on your computer by clicking Install

Click Continue after you choose to install

The progress bar shows installation progress.