Batteries and Extension Cords


 4-Pin Batteries

Battery 12v 4-pin XLR

XLR Cable 4-pin XLR Power Cable (XLR4 Male to XLR4 Female)

 Canon Batteries

Canon BP-955 Battery

Canon Charger for Canon LP-E6

Canon LP-E6 Battery

Canon Power Adapter

 Panasonic Batteries

Panasonic CGA-D54 Battery

Panasonic DMW-BLF19 Battery

Panasonic VW-VBD58 Battery

 Sony Batteries

Sony BP-U30 Battery

Sony BP-U60 Battery

Sony NP-F330 Battery

Sony NP-F570 Battery

Sony NP-F970 Battery

Sony NP-FV70 Battery

Sony NP-FW50 Battery

 V-Mount Batteries
V-Mount Batteries (Set of 2)
 Rechargeable Battery Kits

9V Rechargeable Battery Kit

AA Rechargeable Battery Kit

AAA Rechargeable Battery Kit

 Generic Batteries

Large Generic Battery (for Sony)

Medium Generic Battery (for Sony)

Small Generic Battery (for Sony)

Newmowa DMW-BLF19 Battery

Powerextra LP-E6 Battery


Watson Charger for Canon LP-E6

IDX V-Mount Batteries and VL-4S Quick Charger

Promaster Charger for Sony Batteries

Sony AC-VQ1050 Dual Charger

Sony Battery Car Charger

Sony BC-U1 Charger

Swit Charger for Panasonic DVX200

Extension Cords

 Standard Edison
 Extension Cords

Extension Cord 50' (10AWG)

Extension Cord 25' (12AWG)

Extension Cord 50' (12AWG)

Extension Cord 100' (12AWG)

Extension Cord 50' Reel (12AWG)


Extension Cord 10' Quad

Extension Cord 25' Quad

Extension Cord 50' Quad

Extension Cord 50' Quad (GFCI)

Extension Cord 60' Quad


Eagle 1K Dimmer

Power Strip 6'

 20 Amp Edison

Extension Cord 25' Quad (GFCI)

Extension Cord 50' Quad (GFCI)


25' Stage Pin Extension

Studio Adapter Cord (Stage Pin to Quad 3-Prong)

Studio Adapter Cord 1' (20a Twist-Lock to 3-Prong)

Studio Extension Cord (20A Twist-Lock)