AVID Footage shot on Blackmagic Pocket Camera at 60 P Audio out of Sync

Create a project that matches

the aspect ratio and frame rate

Choose where to save by clicking on the folder

Choose 4K 4096 x 2160

Choose 60P


Go to >Tools>Source Browser

Navigate to the folder you backed up your card data and click on Link

Select the clips and choose > Clip>Consolidate/Transcode

Then select where you want to save the consolidated files and choose the “Target Video Resolution”

We recommend


Then Choose Transcode

Choose >Input >Import Media

Navigate to the sound file and choose import

Navigate to the sound files and choose Open

choose 60 NDF and OK to all to import all sound files

Edit with the master clip not the linked file

Notice the different icon for a linked file

Load the transcoded clip in the source window

Mark the whole clip and edit that into a new timeline

Make a new timeline and choose the RED overwrite button making a video only edit

Next go to >Effect Palette >Timewarp>Timewarp effect

drag that to the timeline and put on the video clip

Then go to >Tools>Motion Effect Editor
Change the setting to 83.33 to slow the video down

On the timeline mark an in point at the clap

Load the sound file into the source window

You won't see any waveforms but it is really helpful if you could!!

Well you can't the most we can do is see the waveforms in the timeline. . . . .

To see Audio Waveforms in the timeline click on this button and turn it GREEN

Then turn on waveforms in the timeline

Click on the timeline "hamburger menu" then >Audio Data>Waveform

You will see the audio waveforms in the timeline now!!

To enlarge the timeline use the following combo of keys

"command L" to enlarge

"command K" to make smaller

Turn on "Caps Lock" to scrub audio but you will see the slate strike in the timeline

scrub your timeline indicator till you hear it click loudly using your arrow keys

Mark and "In Point" on the audio file

Then edit that into the timeline so that the clap on the video matches the clap on the audio

Then audio and video are in sync in the timeline.

Then you need to use the sequences like clips

You can drag sequences to the source window and use them

like clips to edit into another timeline.