CMB 6.102 - How to control Mixers with an iPad

Do you want to control FOH and MON Mixers with an iPad like in this video?

This is how...

You will need:

-Soundcraft Performer SI3 mixer


-ViSiRemote App for iOS (only works on iPad)

-ViSiListen App for iOS (works on iPhone and iPad)

-Wireless Router

Plug the router into the back of the Mixer. In HiQnet port. The plug on the router should not be WAN (Internet), it should be LAN.

Press System

Make sure the board has an IP address. You can set it to static if you know what you're doing, but here we have set it to DHCP because it makes things easier.

If your mixer board does not have an IP address restart the mixer by holding the power button for 3 seconds and then pressing the button again, to power off. Then press the button once to turn on. Do this while the wireless router is on.

Choose HIQnet from the main menu of the mixer board.

Enable HIQnet. You'll have to reboot to apply.

Enable Access Control.

Tell Device 1 to have "All"

Then you will need to find the HIQnet number in the next step

On the iPad under settings scroll all the way down to "ViSiRemote"

This is the HIQnet of your IOS device...take note of this, you will need it in the Mixer board.

Under HIQnet in the mixer board settings, choose "Address Assign" while Device 1 is highlighted

Punch in the number of your iOS device

You might have to hit apply

The screen should look like this

You also may have to power cycle the board.

Make sure you're on the wireless network that the board is on. For us it is TP-LINK_1096

Launch VisiRemote on the iPad

After a few seconds, your board should show up on the left hand side of the App

The number in front of the "Si Performer 3" is the HIQnet address of that particular board.

Then you should have control.

Things to know:

HIQnet addresses cannot be the same...Ex: the board's HIQnet and the iOS HIQnet should be different.

ViSiRemote is for main mix and more of a total control

ViSiListen only allows access to monitor mixes

Under the access section of the mixer, this is the gatekeeper. So, even if someone has the password to the wireless and the Apps, they will not have control unless the HIQNet number of their controlling device (iPad, iPhone) is entered and has access to that individual mix or "All".

So, you could set up Mix1 to just the drummers iphone, and Mix2 to the bassist and Mix3 to the lead vocals, Mix4 to guitarist, and Mix5 to the bassist...with each iOS device having a separate HIQnet number they can only get to thier mix and not mess up anyone elses.